IEPG 8512 Quantitative Methods for Environmental Science and Policy
Monterey Institute of International Studies

Quant Files


PowerPoint Files

Course Introduction

Calculations Relating to the Dimensions of the Physical World

The Nature of Matter: Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

Human Uses of the Biosphere and Impacts on Earth Systems


NPP, Human Effects on Marine Ecosystems, Deforestation, Desertification, and Biodiversity

Background for Homework 2

Background for Homework 3

Box Models, Population, and IPAT

Biogeochemical Cycles

Ozone, CFCs, and the Ozone Hole

The Process of Chemical Reactions, Equilibrium, Strong and Weak Acids, and pH

Acid Rain

Carbonate Equilibria and Coral Reefs

Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear Reactors

Fukushima (George Moore)

Fukushima (AREVA)


Student Presentations

Group 1 Climate Change Resources

Group 2 Climate Change Evidence

Group 3 Energy Balance Models

Group 4 Global Warming Potential

Group 5 Radiative Forcing from Aerosols

Group 6 Positive and Negative Feedbacks

Group 7 Mitigation Strategies

Group 8 SRES Report by IPCC

Group 9 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol

Group 10 What are states in the U.S. and other countries doing?


Other Files

Calculations for exams

Qualitative Topics for exams

Requested Review Topics for Midterm Exam

IPOL 8512 Glossary of Specific Terms (Expect periodic updates)

Glossary of General Science Terms

Climate Change Presentation

Calculations for Final Exam

Qualitative Topics for Final Exam

Final Exam Review Presentation


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