ECPR 8510 Math-Science Review for IEP and NPTS
Monterey Institute of International Studies
Winter 2014



ECPR 8510 - Math-Science Review for IEP and NPTS

This course is a two-week summer intensive course in science and math skills for incoming and continuing students. It is designed to provide the essential foundation that will allow students to optimally benefit from International Environmental Policy core course IPOL 8512 Quantitative Analysis for Environmental Science and Policy and the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies gateway course NPTG 8559 Science and Technology for NPTS, as well as other courses in both programs requiring math and science skills.

Math-Science Review is strongly recommended for students with limited background in chemistry, physics and math enrolled in the following degree programs:

Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies (MANPTS)

International Environmental Policy (MAIEP)



M-F January 6-17 9:00am-1:00pm

INSTRUCTOR:   Mark Bishop

Office hours:  by arrangement 

E-mail: and

Web Sites:  and




TEXT:  An Introduction to Chemistry, Atoms First by Mark Bishop

The WebAssign package includes an electronic version of the text.

I will bring textbooks to loan for the duration of the course to the first class meeting .

If you want a textbook to keep after the course is over, you can purchase one at

Online versions of the text and study guide can be found at

You can download the text in iBook form for iPad and similar devices at



We will use a WebAssign package that includes an electronic text/tools/homework bundle. The process for signing up can be found at


GRADING:   Although this is a no-credit course, completing all of the WebAssign assignments with 70% or higher will be considered successful completion of the course.


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